Kia Pays Tribute to its Heritage with New EV Concept

In recent years, Kia has shifted away from the quintessential Korean styling that defined many Korean-made cars in the 1990's and early 2000's toward a more universal style proven to better appeal to car buyers worldwide. The man largely responsible for this evolvement is Kia designer, Peter Schreyer previously employed at Audi.

According to Schreyer, there is currently no "Koreaness" about the current Kia lineup. And he's right - at least as far as production models are concerned.

The recent unveiling of the Naimo EV concept at the Seol Motor Show, however, proves that the Korean automaker hasn't completely dug up its roots. And, in an era where it's becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish makes and models, to see the embodiment of the Kia's true heritage comes as a breath of fresh air.

Outside, the Kia Naimo concept features a handsome Jade color reminiscent of Celadon-style pottery. Inside, it's adorned with Korean Oak. According to Schreyer, the Naimo concept is one case where the Korean design factor is strong.

If you prefer the more universal aesthetic displayed in Kia's production lineup in recent years, don't worry. The new Kia Naimo EV concept likely isn't a cue for future car designs, rather an example of playing to the home crowd. Remember, the concept did debut at the Seol Motor Show.

Kia Naimo Electric Crossover Utility At a Glance

-    Five-door, four-seater urban runabout design defined by a simple, square body
-    Dot-style LED heallights
-    Rear-hinged rear doors
-    Rear-view cameras
-    Air wipers (removes water on windshield using high-intensity air jet located at the base of the windscreen)
-    Korean wood floors
-    Battery: 27 kWh Lithium Ion Polymer
-    Range: approximately 125 miles on a single charge
-    Charge Time: 5 ½ hours for a full charge, using a conventional outlet
-    Max Torque: 280 Nm
-    Top Speed: 93mph

While Kia hasn't yet confirmed plans to take the Naimo EV concept car to market. They will, however, be adding the concept to its test fleet of hybrid, electric and fuel-cell vehicles with a view to developing future production models.

Watch for more Kia news, coming soon. Mile High Kia in Butte, MT is dedicated to keeping you informed.

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