2014 Kia Rio Hybrid

Kia is ready to go all out with new green cars - from diesel to hybrid and even fully electric models of future vehicles. By 2014, the growing auto maker is poised to be one of the biggest producers of hybrid and electric cars. The company will introduce their Kia Rio within the next two years. The 2014 Rio will first hit the streets of Europe. The car will contain a 1.1 liter, 74-bhp engine.

The auto maker also plans on releasing a Kia Optima Hybrid in Europe. This variant will contain a 2.0 liter gasoline engine. This powerplant will be matted to a small electric engine, with the possibility of regenerative properties.

Rumors indicate that this Optima hybrid car might come to European markets as early as 2012, and hit the United States and Canada soon after.

There are even rumors that a fully electric Soul hatchback could hit those dealership lots throughout the global market by 2014.

For now, check out all the latest fuel-sipping new cars from Kia at Butte's Mile High Kia.


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