Kia Hits 300,000 Vehicles

The milestone 300,000th vehicle to roll off Kia's vehicle assembly line at the Manufacturing Plant in West Point, Georgia, was a silver Kia Sorento SX. New customers can take advantage of this growth in production at Butte's Mile High Kia.

The only Kia North American plant opened in late 2009 to build the Sorento SUV, and quickly helped the struggling town become born again. Hundreds of jobs were created and industry came back to the region.

West Point has pumped itself up quickly: "after the first Sorento rolled off the line in November 2009, the plant built its 100,000th vehicle in September 2010," according to Automobile Mag Online. Just 10 months later, they've reached the 300,000-car mark. If plans for expansion go as planned, more vehicles will be rolling off the assembly line in Georgia.1

Starting in the fall, this plant will also build the Kia Optima sedan, along with future Optima hybrids. Kia will hire about 700 more workers, and increase the plant's production capacity to 360,000 vehicles each year in order to add Optima production.

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