New Kia Concept to Debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

Kia's new concept is true to the company's core, but it's so stunning that even the editors at Top Speed mistook it for a Maserati, at first glance. And, Butte's Mile High Kia, serving the greater Butte area is certain it will look even better in person, when it's officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, in Germany.

We'd also like to note that the unveiling of Kia's new concept isn't the only thing the September showcase underlines. Though, that's always exciting. It also represents the South Korean automaker's inaugural rear-wheel drive layout.

In gleaning some pics Kia released to build up hype surrounding the new concept before its big debut, we've found it to be sensational. We've probably never used the word "sexy" to describe a Kia before, but the new concept embodies the word perfectly. Among its more obvious distinguishing features are its svelte sport sedan body; subtly raked hatch; kinetic lines; distinctive, highly aggressive-looking five-spoke wheels; and Merlot-tinted glass.

There's also its unique door configuration... While the front doors of the new Kia concept are standard fare, the rear doors are hinged in the rear. So, instead of opening like a flipped page, they open like a book.

Speaking on the new concept, Peter Schreyer, Chief Design Officer, Kia Motors says, "Not matter from which perspective you look at it - this concept is roaring with energy and ready to take-off. I believe the car is a strong statement from Kia: We are ready to fast forward to an all-new chapter."1

To learn more about the sexy new concept, Kia plans unveil in September, be sure to check back soon.  Butte's Mile High Kia promises clearer insight into design, performance, and potential production plans, following the show.

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